Clean Cuisine is an innovative meal prepping solution provider that focuses on health and fitness orientated people who want delicious, freshly prepared, clean and healthy meals.

Because we provide fresh, non-frozen meals, we can include ingredients and meals that simply can’t be frozen, such as salads and egg based dishes like omelettes etc.

Our solution always takes into consideration what our clients want to achieve:

- Weight loss, general health or just getting the opportunity to spend more time with your family by not having to prepare food in the evening.

- We also modify meals (but keep the primary ingredients) to alter flavour, texture and visual appeal, to avoid what we call “Food Fatigue.”

Our unique methods make it far easier to follow a meal plan over an extended period of time.


It’s very easy - we work on a weekly meal plan cycle. Send us a basic meal plan with your requirements and we will create a weekly menu for you, which we will cost and submit for your approval. If you’re happy with that, we will then deliver your meals to your training facility where you will collect according to your schedule.